The Heritage Apparel Difference

Why Heritage Apparel?

We know there are plenty of places to buy your town-themed gear. Our difference is in both the quality of our products and the custom designs. We take the time to learn about your hometown and what makes it special and then craft our products based around that research. We create designs specifically geared to your town and what makes it unique.

Additionally, we choose high-end apparel and materials that will last a long time and you'll love wearing. It's comfortable, fits great and won't fade or shrink like some of our competition out there. 

We are also a local team, not a big-box store or anonymous online retailer. Our families live right down the street from you and love offering our free local delivery and local pick-up options. Nothing pleases us more than meeting you all face-to-face and hearing about how much you enjoy our products and the town you live in.

People love showing their town pride and want to look and feel great while doing it. Go with us and you won't regret it.